Magnetic Tiles - Creativity-Animal hut



Besides assembling magnetic tiles from the ground up,

you can also try playing with them vertically!

If you have surfaces like whiteboards, metal refrigerators, or iron doors at home,

you can let the magnetic pieces adhere to them and create vertical structures.

If don't have the mentioned materials, don't worry.

Here we recommend using the 4x4 large square set.

It consists of 16 small squares (7.5cm) combined into one piece, forming a 30x30cm square.

It's versatile and practical, whether used horizontally (as a base for added stability) or vertically (as a backboard for the magnetic pieces to adhere to).

The animal hut shown here is a simple example.

By using a few squares and triangles, you can construct a house shape.

Inside, you can place some dolls or figurines to make it more fun and engaging.

Magnetic tiles are truly versatile and can be used for various toy constructions!

We will continue to share more ideas and ways to play with them in the future!

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