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Magnetic Tiles have become highly popular in the world of baby products in recent years due to their characteristics of low complexity and high constructability.

These tiles have simple structures, allowing them to be combined to create a wide range of creative and freeform play structures.

The magnetic design along the edges of these tiles, with geometric shapes, allows different components to magnetically adhere to each other, providing a high degree of flexibility in play:

  • For young children, magnetic tiles can be used to introduce them to colors and shapes, starting with simple 2D constructions, which can help enhance their visual perception, tactile skills, and hand-eye coordination.
  • For older children, they can explore 3D constructions, learning about structural awareness, load-bearing mechanics, spatial concepts, and even incorporating aesthetic design elements to promote balanced development.While there are many magnetic tile brands on the market, ScienceBaby may not be the pioneer, but we have conducted extensive research and operations in the field of magnetic tiles.

We have a deep understanding of various aspects,

From the component structures, plastics, magnetism, manufacturing processes, and raw material sourcing on the production side.

To user experiences, corner radii, thickness, weight, magnetic balance, storage, practicality, color schemes, aesthetics, and educational aspects on the consumer side.

We design magnetic tile products with a focus on offering high value from the user's perspective.

ScienceBaby Magnetic Tiles offer a rich variety of components, from basic shapes like squares, equilateral triangles, right triangles, and rectangles to decorative pieces like Window square, Arch square, Hollow square, L-shapes or cars.

Also with a complete ecosystem of accessories including ball runs, mag cars, Ferris wheels, and base plates,

children can explore limitless possibilities in both 2D and 3D, static and dynamic play, allowing them to unleash their creativity without constraints.

Visual aesthetics are also a significant element in our design.

The vibrant, translucent rainbow color scheme combined with snow diamond tiles ensures that our magnetic tiles look beautiful from every angle.

Most importantly, children's safety is our top priority. Materials, torsion, pressure, tension, magnetic flux, drop tests....

our products undergo thorough testing and certification by professional and legitimate inspection organizations to ensure a safe and worry-free gaming experience.

Welcome to join the world of ScienceBaby and Creating a dreamland for children

  • Manufacturer passed EU CE certification.
  • Safe and non-toxic plastic is ultrasonically welded for strong sealing.
  • Rounded edges to prevent injury to children.
  • Permanent magnets are used, after countless analyses and tests of sample magnets, the most suitable magnets for children's use are selected, taking into account the strength and safety of the construction, not afraid that children do not have enough strength to pull them apart, or that they will pinch their hands.
  • Rich colors and high transparency.
  • Various and rich parts for constructing more diverse shapes and structures.
  • Standard specifications, square side length 7.5cm, compatible with major brands.

What is STEAM?

"STEAM" education, originally proposed by the National Science Foundation in the United States, emphasizes interdisciplinary learning by combining science, engineering, mathematics, technology, and art to help learners solve real-life problems. This education philosophy is considered key to global competitiveness by the US federal government and is promoted through various talent development programs and high budgets. Today, it is becoming a mainstream education philosophy worldwide.

The main spirit of STEAM is interdisciplinary, problem-solving, hands-on, real-life application, and multisensory learning. It emphasizes thinking about and trying to solve small and large problems in daily life through knowledge from more than two subjects, and the process of thinking and solving, as well as trial and error, are the goals of STEAM education.

ScienceBaby tiles have a variety of color changes and are connected by magnets between each pair of tiles. Their low structure and high construction characteristics can fully cultivate children's exploration and creativity through play, and stimulate their logic, concentration, insight, and unlimited imagination. By stacking and assembling the magnetic tiles, children can strengthen their visual and tactile hand-eye coordination and train their recognition of colors, shapes, and even structures, achieving a balanced physical and mental development.

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