Magnetic Tiles - Creativity-Hot Air Balloon


Small square
x 24
Hollow square
x 1
Equilateral triangles
x 4
Big triangles
x 4

The hot air balloon is a very classic design in magnetic tiles, and the assembly process is quite ingenious.

It can be roughly divided into two structures:
1. The top part is an octagonal hemisphere formed by assembling squares and equilateral triangles.

You can notice that we have a Hollow square in the center for selection. You can also use other types of holed squares, such as Window square, Arch square, or Connecting square of BallRun Pack.

The purpose is to facilitate the insertion of fingers, pulling the tiles from a flat plane to a three-dimensional structure (this action should be done slowly and gently).

2. The bottom part is an octagonal funnel. During assembly, you can first assemble it into a fan shape, and then use your palm to gradually push the fan shape inward to form an octagonal funnel.

Finally, move the upper octagonal hemisphere slowly onto the octagonal funnel,

and you're done!

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