Magnetic Tiles - Creativity-Dragon Boat


Small square
x 25
Right triangles
x 6
x 5
Big triangles
x 8

Did you know, kids?

Why do we race dragon boats during the Dragon Boat Festival?

The most common explanation is that the Dragon Boat Festival is held to commemorate a historical figure named Qu Yuan,

who was a patriotic statesman and poet.

He sacrificed himself to save his country and tragically drowned in the river.

To honor his memory, people began to paddle dragon boats and throw rice wrapped in bamboo leaves into the river.

The purpose was to scare away evil spirits and feed the fish and shrimp, allowing Qu Yuan to rest peacefully.

Over time, on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month each year,

people dress in colorful clothes, race dragon boats on the river, and enjoy eating sticky rice dumplings called "Zongzi"

These activities are a way to show respect and remember the great deeds of Qu Yuan.

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