Magnetic Tiles - Creativity-The Hare and The tortoise



Long, long ago, there was a fascinating race between a turtle and a rabbit!

The rabbit boasted of being as fast as the wind, full of confidence.

Meanwhile, the turtle remained quiet, aware that it wasn't the fastest runner,

but still summoned the courage to stand at the starting line.

The race began, and the rabbit dashed off like an arrow, quickly leaving the turtle far behind.

It seemed like the rabbit had already won!

However, the rabbit became arrogant and decided to take a break. He closed his eyes and dozed off.

In that moment, the turtle silently crawled, step by step, getting closer to the finish line.

When the rabbit woke up, he was astonished to find the turtle already there, steady and composed at the finish line!

Everyone was amazed. The turtle's perseverance and determination had triumphed over the rabbit's pride.

This story teaches us that everyone has their own pace and strengths.

Never underestimate others,

for even slow and steady progress can make us winners in our own right!

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