Magnetic Tiles - Creativity-Taxi


Small square
x 7
x 11
Equilateral triangles
x 6
x 1

This is a taxi that can move,

to match the sleek shape of a car, this design has chosen a rectangular shape as the car body.

⚠️ Here's an important point to note!

As we all know, magnets have North (N) and South (S) poles.

Have you ever found it fascinating that as long as two magnetic pieces are placed near the edges,

regardless of their orientation or polarity, they can attract each other?

In fact, when magnetic pieces were invented,

they were designed with the arrangement of magnetic poles in mind to facilitate children's assembly.

(However, shapes with only one magnetic piece on a single side, such as rectangles, fences, and L-shapes, have issues with repulsion and require adjusting their orientation.)

This taxi design follows a unique arrangement.

You can see that the rectangle does not attract the two magnetic pieces of the car on one side as it should,

instead, a single magnet intentionally attracts the car (as shown in the image below).

Due to this special arrangement, it is necessary to find the corresponding North and South poles so that the rectangle and the car can be securely attached.

If you encounter any repulsion, don't worry too much.

Just simply flip it upside down by 180 degrees !

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