Magnetic Tiles - Creativity-Mouse


#animal #simple
Small square
x 6
Equilateral triangles
x 2
Big triangles
x 4
Connecting squares
x 1
S Bend Tubes
x 2
x 1

The four-wheeled car runs fast...

Wow! The mouse car zoomed away in a flash. Why is that?

It turns out its feet became wheels. Jerry Mouse still can't escape Tom Cat's chase in the magnetic tile universe!

Quick, quick, quick, help Jerry Mouse get back to his hole!

First, assemble the body using squares, then use large triangles to make the mouse's pointy nose and small triangles for the ears.

But pay special attention, the tail is made with the BallRun Clear Tube transparent hole tiles and wavy tubes.

It's recommended to combine it with various sets to inspire more creative ways to play!

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