Magnetic Tiles - Creativity-Octopus


Small square
x 18
Equilateral triangles
x 4
Big triangles
x 4
Connecting squares
x 7
Short Straight Tubes
x 2
S Bend Tubes
x 8

The octopus is a mischievous little sprite in the sea!

They have eight super soft tentacles, just like little dancers in the underwater world.

And guess what? They can use their super cool skills to change their body color,

like little magicians of the ocean~

Assembling this octopus figure is a bit challenging,

combining parts from the basic series and the BallRun series.

The head part is similar to the assembly of a hot air balloon, forming a semi-circular top,

and the legs use eight ball track wave pipes, creating a waving style with eight tentacles.

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