Magnetic Tiles - Creativity-wind-powered car


Small square
x 1
Equilateral triangles
x 10
Right triangles
x 2
Big triangles
x 4
x 1

We often see sailboats sailing on the sea, but a similar power structure can also be used on land!

The wind-powered car is a fascinating little vehicle that doesn't use gasoline or electricity but relies on the force of the wind to move forward.

Similar to a mini sailboat, it has a small sail.

When the wind blows, the sail inflates, propelling the car forward.

However, on land, due to the limitations of wheels compared to the smoothness of boats at sea,

and roads not being as vast as the ocean, wind-powered cars are not very practical in our daily lives.

Nevertheless, make for interesting and fun devices when applied as educational tools or children's toys!

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