Magnetic Tiles - Creativity-Simple BallRun2


Small square
x 19
2x2 square
x 2
Connecting squares
x 14
Right Angle Tubes
x 6
U Shaped Tubes
x 10
Long Straight Tubes
x 2
S Bend Tubes
x 6
x 1
Big triangles
x 8

The concept of the BallRun assembly is quite simple—it involves designing a structure with tubes that go from top to bottom.

The idea is to build upwards. Clever kids will surely think of using basic series tiles as the foundation for building height,

thus saving the use of Connecting squares tiles.

This not only increases the efficiency of BallRun components usage but also adds richness to the design with the various colors and shapes of the basic series tiles.

So, let's give it a try and get creative!

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