Magnetic Tiles - Creatity-Example of MagRacer


90° curve rail
x 5
Arched rail
x 1
Rectangle rail
x 5
Square rail
x 1
x 2
Ramp rail
x 2
Rail support
x 14
Electric car
x 2

Do you enjoy the feeling of cars running freely? The assembly method and techniques for MagRacer are different from Basic series.

Assembly doesn't require complex skills, with the main focus on the concept of a "circular road."

By assembling the tracks into a circular loop, you can allow the cars to drive endlessly.

Here are a few simple tips:

  • Make good use of 90° / 45° curve rail to change the direction of the road.
  • Ramp rail provide the functionality for cars to go up and down, so ensure you have an even number of them.
  • Square rail are suitable for bridging small gaps.

Additionally, there's a little trick:

if the Rail support isn't sufficient, you can actually use some basic square as additional support to raise the track, but be sure to leave space for the cars to pass!

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