Magnetic Tiles - Creativity-Ball run with medium sized castle.


#building #ballrun
Big triangles
x 3
Equilateral triangles
x 5
x 5
L shape
x 2
Small square
x 12
Connecting squares
x 22
Window square
x 4
Long Straight Tubes
x 3
Short Straight Tubes
x 8
S Bend Tubes
x 5
Right Angle Tubes
x 10
U Shaped Tubes
x 10
Track square
x 3
x 1
Glowing ball
x 4

I saw a beautiful castle,
With stars and clouds around,
I ran towards it and found,
Many surprises to be found.
The castle was full of wonder,
And I learned to be brave and ponder.
I discovered a whole new place,

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