Magnetic Tiles - Creativity-PAW Patrol HQ with BallRun


#ballrun #building
Small square
x 35
Right triangles
x 4
x 6
x 8
Connecting squares
x 12
Short Straight Tubes
x 6
Long Straight Tubes
x 2
Right Angle Tubes
x 6
U Shaped Tubes
x 2
S Bend Tubes
x 4
x 1
Glowing ball
x 4
x 1
4x4 big plate
x 1

The beloved Paw Patrol for kids is constructed here using a combination of BallRun and basic components to form the headquarters design 🐶

The main structure, the tower, is actually not complicated. The top section utilizes a square and a right-angled triangle to create an octagonal space, while the bottom is supported by square pillars.

The more intricate part involves arranging the BallRun tubes.

It's recommended to first assemble the Connecting squares and tubes before installing them to avoid unnecessary contact during the assembly process.

At the bottom, a car is used to catch the discs, allowing you to collect the glowing balls and prevent them from rolling around chaotically!

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